Message From COO SMS

As the Chief Operating Officer of SMS, it is my privilege to lead a dedicated team of professionals imbued with rich experience, hard training and expert in handling specialized security operations tailored to the needs of individual client.

The Private Security Companies (PSCs) in Pakistan are confronted with multi-faceted challenges under the prevailing security environment and therefore we focus on providing integrated security solution with a requisite comprehensive basic, mid and advance level training of guards, supervisors and officers to ensure that we prove equal to the task. The 120 hours Basic Training, approximates that syllabus requirement of the US Diplomatic Security Service (DSS).

Due to dedicated and industrious endeavor of the rank and file we were the first Security Company to be rated by Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA) as a “Strong Company” (Security Grading SG2) in Pakistan. We are also Credit Rated by them as (Long Term BBB+ Short Term A2). Encouraged with our enhanced image we are moving a step forward in obtaining certification on ISO-18788 cum ASIS/PSC-1 so that our Security Operations Management System (SOMS) should come at par with International Standards. This will ensure building confidence of client and the industry in SMS in particular and State in general. We are one of the first companies in the World to do so.

I appreciate the vigil of my staff maintained through Control Room at Headquarters and Regional Offices Level ensuring protection of clients, their assets and property on 24/7/365 basis. I also take this opportunity to request my clients to suggest measures to improve the quality of security services SMS provides. Any grievance/suggestion any SMS employee has towards the company can be accessed/addressed through this Website page specially designed and/or through the emails/mail.

May God shower HIS blessings on you.