A. Purpose This document addresses a key consideration for recruitment of work force i.e. “equal opportunities” for all.

B. Areas of Risk

  1. Demoralisation of employees

  2. Damage to efficiency of organisation

  3. Low rate of retention

C. Stakeholders

  1. Internal - All employees, Management

  2. External - Client

D. Policy

  1. SMS has a non-discriminatory recruitment Policy, which aims at providing equal opportunities to all.

  2. SMS has determined a recruitment criteria which addresses the needs of ‘security’ functions and follows that; it does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, marital status, disability, age, race, colour or ethnic background.

  3. It aims to ensure that it does not follow conditions or requirements which cannot be described as justifiable.

  4. It follows employment policies which are fair and consistent with the skills and abilities required for the task of ‘security’.

E. Additional Parameters. In addition to above SMS will adhere to following stipulations:

  1. SMS shall retain sufficient personal with the appropriate competence to fulfil its contractual obligations.

  2. All personnel shall be provided with adequate salary commensurate to their responsibilities.

  3. SMS may ask the employees / job applicants to give information relating to their ethnic origin. SMS shall protect the confidentiality of personal information.