1. General Top Management of SMS is committed to conduct of security operations with respect for human rights consistent with spirit of following documents:

  1. Montreux Document on International Legal Obligations

  2. International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC) of 9 November 2010

  3. Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights: Implementing the United Nations Framework of 21 March 2011.

  4. Good Practices for States related to Operations of Private Military and Security Companies during Armed Conflict of 17 September 2008

2. Purpose. This procedure will be included in the training syllabi of PTF Training Courses and read by all officials of SMS, to enable them to understand the importance of Human Rights visavis the security operations and their obligations towards the protection of Human Rights of all employees, clients and other stakeholders.

3. What Are Human Rights? Human rights are universal, interrelated, interdependent, inalienable and indivisible such as:

  1. The right to life

  2. Freedom from discrimination

  3. Freedom from torture, cruelty, inhuman or degrading treatment.

  4. Freedom from slavery, slave trade and servitude

  5. The right to due process, equal treatment before law and fair trial

  6. The right to be free from retroactive application of penal laws

  7. The right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion

How SMS Fulfils its Commitment to Human Rights?

4. SMS complies with local and International Humanitarian Law’s contents including obligations to:

  1. Avoid contributing to violation of human rights.

  2. Seek to prevent or mitigate adverse actions that are directly linked to its operations, products or services.

  3. Abstain from physical or mental torture or cruel punishments

  4. Treat humanely all persons including those who have surrendered, are wounded or sick.

  5. Avoid unnecessary harm to civilian population & property.

  6. Distinguish between anyone directly involved in a hostile act and / or others.

5. Code of Conduct / Code of Ethics. SMS has established codes of behavior which clearly communicate:-

  1. Respect for human rights and dignity of human beings.

  2. Prohibition of bribery, conflict of interest, corruption and use of illegal substances.

6. The Codes expect that no employee of SMS will be involved in following and will report if they observe:

  1. Crimes against humanity / genocide

  2. Torture or other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment

  3. Enforced disappearance / forced labour, hostage taking etc

  4. Sexual exploitation and abuse or gender-based violence

  5. Human trafficking and slavery

  6. Trafficking of weapons and drugs

7. Following policies of SMS also take care of human rights aspects:

  1. Equal Opportunities Policy

  2. Employee Welfare Policy

  3. Grievance handling policy

  4. Whistle Blower Policy

8. Situations Conduct Warranting Responsible

  1. Crisis situations or circumstances that are unstable are occasions when violations / disregard of Human Rights are a serious possibility.

  2. SMS should, through its security operations, enable the right to life of its employees without in any way violating human rights of others.

  3. SMS recognizes the fundamental importance of self-defense to protect the right to life. Self-defense allows an individual to use reasonable force in defense of oneself or others

  4. Force is only used in self-defense or the defense of others, when it is reasonable & necessary to prevent death or serious bodily harm.