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Corporate Overview

1. Security and Management Services Private (Pvt) Ltd is a leading private security company in Pakistan and one of the pioneers of security industry in the country. It is one of a family of “associated companies” of ‘Pathfinder Group’ which is wholly owned by Mr Ikram Sehgal and his family, a leading entrepreneur and a well-known defence analyst in the country.
Note: A definition of “associated companies” can be found in: companies ordinance 1984, Securities and exchange commission of Pakistan, page 2 (http://www.secp.gov.pk/corporatelaws/pdf/CompaniesOrdinance1984_02-10-13.pdf).

2. SMS was established in 1987 and is about to complete three decades of unblemished service as a security services provider. It has distinguished itself amongst the private security companies and now has an unmatchable reputation in the industry which gives it the luxury of focusing on blue-chip clients and diplomatic missions. It sets itself apart from others, by virtue of its own high standards, acquired through sheer perseverance and demonstrated through sustained performance of nearly three decades.

3. With about 6,500 employees SECURITY AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES (PVT) LIMITED (SMS) has been providing security and guarding services to the US Embassy in Islamabad and the US Consulate Generals in Karachi, Peshawar and Lahore since 1987 in successive contracts. This is besides a number of banks, government and non-government organizations and a wide range of high end clients. SMS is also providing security to a number of United Nations Agencies in Pakistan since 2010.

4. SMS is the only security Company in Pakistan which has been graded by Pakistan Credit Rating Authority (PACRA).

5. SMS is one of the founding members of International Code of Conduct Association (ICOCA); currently it has ‘transitional’ membership.

  • To be recognized as one of the Leading Security Companies of the World, providing multidimensional integrated security services through development of a Common Operating Picture, Shared Awareness, Effective Prevention and Synchronized Response, and setting of a high premium on Human Rights and Welfare of its Employees.

  • Protect the life, property, assets of the clients and provide security with a human touch where feelings, emotions and understanding of the employees as well as the clients take precedence over all other considerations, ensuring the following:

    • 1)   Minimize risks to operations / clients / supply chain contractors.
    • 2)   Demonstrate respect for human rights.
    • 3)   Embed core values in all internal functions.
    • 4)   Seek continual improvement through internal
            assessments and review, exercises and testing, client
            feedback, and constant review of systems, procedures and

  • Following core values shape the culture of SMS and influence its internal functioning:

    •   Security and Management Services is a large FAMILY; all employees are considered family members till they prove otherwise.
    •   High degree of professionalism, loyalty and commitment
    •   Welfare of employees is one of the main concerns of the Management.
    •   Adherence to laws of the land is our hallmark.
    •   Respect for Human Rights; rights of employees under the labour or social security laws and regulations must be respected.
    •   Honesty, integrity and loyalty are non-negotiable. Use of unethical means or indulgence in dishonest practices has no place in SMS.
    • While pursuing the above ‘Values’, SMS upholds the spirit enshrined in following documents:

    •   United Nations Framework - 2011 – Guiding Principles on business and Human Rights.
    •   International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers 11/2010.
    •   Montreux Document on Pertinent International Legal Obligations 09/2008.